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It’s true that companies around the world are struggling to remain solvent in today’s uncertain economy. But, that doesn’t mean YOUR company has to be another casualty of the recession. There are things you can do RIGHT NOW to reduce your expenses and increase your profits. With wise planning and implementation, you can actually use these economically troubled times to expand your revenue as well as your market share. The solution may seem counter-intuitive, but numerous studies of previous recessionary times have proven it works. You see, when money gets tight, our natural inclination is to cut back on expenditures. As a result, most companies cut back on everything across the board, including their marketing and advertising budgets. The problem is, if you reduce your marketing and advertising budget, your profits are guaranteed to drop. So, while these business owners believe they are making a sensible decision, what they’re really doing is ensuring their companies will struggle through the next few years, and possibly even fail.

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On the other hand, shrewd business owners are maintaining their marketing budgets… and some are even allocating extra funds to their advertising efforts. Why is this? Studies of past recessionary periods show that companies that continue their normal advertising efforts in times of economic hardship may experience a slightly lower rate of return for their marketing dollars… but they will continue to make sales. And, the companies that are able to increase their advertising efforts during a recession, are often able to maintain the level of sales they enjoyed during normal economic times.

Furthermore, these studies reveal that companies that maintain or increase their advertising budgets during economically tough times actually gain a larger share of the market… which they continue to enjoy once the the economy returns to normal.

Business Owners Today Have An Advantage That Wasn’t Available To Companies In Previous Economically Challenging Times… The Internet!

If you’ve watched the TV or read the newspaper lately, then you’ve probably noticed that dozens of business owners are paying big bucks for offline advertising campaigns designed to drive consumers to their websites.

However, very few business owners are doing the opposite (a much more effective and affordable option)… using their web presence to drive consumers to their physical places of business. Right now, only a minute fraction of business owners really grasp what’s going on, and even fewer are taking advantage of the low-cost and results-rich opportunities offered by utilizing internet-based technologies.

Your Physical Business Presence + An Effective Web Presence = Maximum Profitability

The benefits of using internet-based marketing tactics for your business are massive. Consider just a few:

  • Compared to the cost of a standard print, radio or TV-based marketing campaign, it is ridiculously economical to set up an effective web presence.
  • Unlike standard print, radio or TV, with an internet-based marketing campaign you have unlimited space and unlimited timecommunicate your message along with the features and benefits of your product or service.
  • As opposed to the cost of direct mail, on the internet it’s easy and virtually free to keep in touch with prospects and customers on a regular basis – completely on auto-pilot!
  • When marketing offline, you are limited to presenting your message via ONE medium at a time. However, on the internet, you can easily utilize multiple formats in unison (such as text, graphics, video, audio and on-screen interaction) to engage the different learning styles of your prospects and customers.
  • It’s very simple to involve your target market in an interactive conversation online (without hiring a team of telemarketers!)… enabling you to gather incredibly accurate market research data while at the same time positioning you and your business as an authoritative expert in your industry.
  • On the internet, you can easily create completely new revenue streams by investing a fraction of the time and effort traditionally associated with launching a new product or service off the internet.

As you can see, everything is easier and less expensive when done online. The internet provides business owners, like yourself, with a wide range of options to choose from in order to attain maximum results from your advertising dollars.

We’re not saying you should never use offline marketing tactics. We agree that there is a time and a place when offline marketing techniques can be very effective. However, due to the large expense and the inability to accurately track the results of an offline marketing campaign, we recommend you use offline tactics sparingly.

At InChargeMarketing.com (ICM), we show you how to get better results for less money by strategically combining offline marketing methods with online marketing methods.

By following ICM’s strategic blueprint, our members are saving money on marketing and advertising, they are pulling ahead of their competitors, and they are experiencing an increase in their bottomline profits.

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